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The Rock returns and teases match with Roman Reigns - What does this mean for Royal Rumble betting?

January 2. 2024, 14:44 GMT

The Rock returns to RAW
How cool was that? The Rock returned to RAW on January 1st.!

The Rock made a surprise return to RAW on January 1st 2024.

The biggest takeaway from Rocky’s return is, after giving the People’s elbow to Jinder Mahal, the Great One’s question to the audience should The Rock ”sit at the head of the table”, a line teasing a possible Wrestlemania dream match with current WWE Champion Roman Reigns.

For everyone expecting a rematch from last year’s Wrestlemania between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns may have to wait another year before Cody can finish his story.

Royal Rumble betting odds reacted as you would expect. Some bookmakers have Rock’s odds still above +1000, but European markets have already adjusted Rock winning the Rumble around +175 level.

Will The Rock win the 2024 Royal Rumble? 

Most likely not. In two previous years The Rock has indeed been a favorite to win the Royal Rumble around this time of Wrestlemania season despite not giving a hint about being at the event.

Reigns vs Rock has been a rumor topic in the wrestling world since 2015. 

On The Pat McAfee show September 16th of last year Rock gave first time candid answer regarding much talked about dream match with Reigns saying it was locked in for 2023 edition of Wrestlemania.

Right after that interview Rock made a surprise return on Smackdown, without much hints about returning to the in-ring competition however.

But the first RAW of 2024 changed everything… or not.

Reigns vs Rhodes is still more likely to happen than Rock vs Reigns.

The Rock is now 51-years old and hurt himself the last time he had a full match over a decade ago. It might be too big of a risk for the People’s Champion to lace up his wrestling boots one more time.

What makes the match plausible though, is Roman Reings’ wrestling style. The Tribal Chief have incorporated a slow wrestling style focusing on crowd work.

It differentiates a lot from modern fast-paced wrestling style and with that brand of wrestling a decent match is achievable between fellow Samoans.

So, should the WWE do the dream match?

Of course they should. Even though it postpones Cody’s story for a year there’s too much money to be made in a match between a Hollywood mega star and third longest reigning WWE Champion in history.

Result would be highly predictable Roman Reigns victory but after Rock vs Roman fans would die for Cody finally ending Roman’s historical championship run at Wrestlemania 41.


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