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WRESTLEMANIA 40 BETTING TIP - What's The Best Value Bet This Year?

6.4.2024 13:29 GMT

Cody Wrestlemania betting
Is Cody finishing his story at Wrestlemania 40 a value bet? Pic:

Wrestlemania 40 is held this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as wrestling fans around the world gather to watch the biggest live show in the entertainment industry.

WWE has stacked the match card for the event's anniversary. Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes will battle in one of the most anticipated wrestling matches ever on Sunday.

Cody is -300 favorite to dethrone Roman’s historical championship reign this year. However, it isn’t a lock that Cody will finish his story since there’s still money to be made from Roman as champion with high profile matches against the likes of CM Punk and The Rock.

If we had to bet a winner in the main event, the choice would be Cody. But there’s still a sense of uncertainty around Cody’s victory.

What’s the bet for Wrestlemania 40?

The best value bet for this year’s Mania is in Night 2 just like Cody vs Roman. It’s in a triple threat match for the United States Championship as megastar Logan Paul defends against veterans Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

Ever since debuting in Wrestlemania 38 two years ago Logan Paul has been an absolute delight as a professional wrestler. Paul can do high-spot moves but his undeniable charisma made him fit instantly to a wrestling business.

Now he faces a couple icons in Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. And let’s face it, neither Randy nor Kevin needs to win the US title.

WWE loves the fact that Logan shows off the US title during his popular Impaulsive podcast. Paul has potential to bring new viewers more than anyone in the roster and as it stands the WWE would probably want Logan to have the title as long until it’s time to move to battle for the World Championship.

But that time isn’t just yet and in a triple threat gimmick match it’s easy to book Randy and Kevin to look strong meanwhile Logan steals victory from this one.

Like Brian Last pointed out during Jim Cornette’s podcast Wrestlemania preview, Logan has friends who show up in these big shows so some kind of interference will most likely cause Logan to win.

Only way Logan is going to lose the title is if WWE already has agreed with him to move up on the card. It doesn’t seem that time for that is yet and Logan seems to be enjoying his US title run.

So, as Logan’s odds are quite good in favorable circumstances, “The Maverick” at -150 is the value pick for Wrestlemania 40. Logan lost in last year’s Wrestlemania to Seth Rollins but this year one of the biggest stars in the company gets a Wrestlemania win back.

Value bet: Logan Paul -150


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