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Wrestlemania 40 Night 2 Predictions - Betting Favorites Most Likely to be Victorious

7.4.2024 10:11 GMT

Wrestlemania 40 betting
Will Bloodline dominate on Wrestlemania Night 2 as well?

Night 1 of Wrestlemania 40 delivered as expected and left the WWE Universe waiting enthusiastically what's going to occur on Night 2.

We take a look should you be concern for Cody to finish his story and predict the winner for every match on the card for Sunday.

Official match predictions:

Seth Rollins (+300) vs Drew McIntyre (-715) - World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre will most likely be the opening match for Night 2 of Wrestlemania. 

Rollins has held the World Heavyweight title for almost a year but looking at betting odds it seems very likely that “The Visionary” will drop the title in this one.

Drew McIntyre is a logical winner in this match since a heel champion would bring new interesting match-ups and it would also keep the World title scene fresh.

Rollins looked a little bit sloppy in Night 1’s tag team match. Maybe nerves got to him in the grandest stage of them all but also morale might low in the Rollins family because his wife Becky Lynch lost on Night 1 also.

Most likely outcome from Night 2 is that Seth takes the pin here and Rollins household takes three defeats in two nights.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Iyo Sky (+225) vs Bayley (-400) - WWE Women’s Championship

Royal Rumble 2024 winner Bayley takes on her former Damage CTRL team-mate Iyo Sky in Night 2’s only women’s match.

Damage CTRL has been together for almost two years so this angle seems one of those that have been scripted six months ago.

Iyo Sky has done a tremendous job as Women’s champion but it might be the time to drop the belt to a veteran performer.

From the company's stand point Bayley is guaranteed to make solid television and at this point of her career it would be delightful to see WWE rewarding Bayley with a big Wrestlemania victory here. Although it isn’t out of the question that Sky retains.

EIther way this match should feature the world's best technical women’s wrestling.

Winner: Bayley

LA Knight (-400) vs AJ Styles (+250)

La Knight’s rise to the upper midcard has been quite unique. WWE didn’t seem to have big plans for Knight when he was called up from NXT but his charisma on the mic made him one of the most interesting characters in the roster.

AJ Styles came back recently as jacked as he’s ever been. However, “The Phenomenal One” is in the latter stage of his career and is here to make LA Knight look good.

Knight possesses more potential selling merchandise and could be a solid contender for the less important World’s championship as well.

AJ could win here if WWE decides to prolong this program but in all the other scenarios Knight is a lock to show that Wrestlemania 40 is his game.

Winner: LA Knight

Logan Paul (-225) vs Randy Orton (+300) vs Kevin Owens (+300) - United States Championship

More in-depth analysis for this match could be found below:

The Pride (-225) vs The Final Testament (+165) - Philadelphia Street Fight

The Pride featuring Bobby Lashley, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins will take on Karrion Kross and The AOP in the least anticipated match for Wrestlemania 40 Night 2.

This one will most likely be before the main event so the live audience can have a toilet break or go buy some popcorn.

The most interesting thing about this street fight is how much WWE officials will let these teams do violent spots before another No DQ match in the main event so the audience won’t see all the violence before the main event which would water-down its impact.

At the moment there isn’t any surprise winners on Night 2 so let’s give the underdog’s one here.

Winner: The Final Testament

Roman Reigns (+225) vs Cody Rhodes (-715) - Undisputed Universal Championship

Cody’s odds halved after Bloodline defeated him and Seth in Night 1 in a Wrestlemania classic.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a big chance that Roman will retain. If that happens then Cody will lose much of his popularity: I mean how long are you willing to support Cody to finish his story if he loses again?

Cody will take a beating and the situation will look desperate in Bloodline rules. But after he’s beaten senseless for most of the match there should be some run-in’s from mega-stars to save the day.

I mean how cool it would be if the Final Boss is giving Cody a beating of a lifetime and the glass shatters as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks in to save the day. The thought of it already brings chills.

Roman’s historical championship reign will come to an end at Wrestlemania 40 Night 2 and we fans thank you our Tribal Chief for everything you have done since Summerslam 2020.

Winner: Cody Rhodes


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